Writing Sample After O-G Instruction:


Here is a writing sample of my son with moderate dyslexia and dysgraphia approximately three years after the first samples I showed, and after getting Orton Gillingham (OG) tutoring at home for his reading and spelling difficulties.   (See his "before" sample #1 and sample #2 here). Note he did not receive any special handwriting instruction.

Explanation & Observations

The words he wrote under "Word Dictation" were spelling words.  In O-G tutoring, these are words that the child has not studied and memorized, but words he may be called on to spell applying the rules he has learned thus far.  You can see how he now applies sophisticated rules like the silent "e" rules, something he could not have mastered without O-G tutoring. 

He was then given two sentences, by dictation, to write.  The first is written under "Phrase Dictation" (even though it is an actual sentence, not a phrase).  The second is written under "Sentence Dictation". Sentence dictation really shows what the student has learned and applied, since he can be given words covering any previous rules learned, including sight words.  He must also remember any grammatical rules including the use of capital letters, periods, commas, etc. The only word he misspelled was "murge" for "merge", which is a completely logical mistake, since both /ur/ and /er/ make the same sound. Although his handwriting still has its flaws, you can see a lot of progress has taken place, compared to his earlier writing samples!