Dysgraphia Writing Example #2


Another writing example of dysgraphia written by my dear son at age 8 1/2 showing typical dyslexic handwriting errors and signs of dysgraphia.  Be sure to read the translation at the bottom.


This example was written in response to "what kind of house you would like to have someday."  This one, in my opinion, is more difficult to read than the first dysgraphia writing sample.  Notice misspellings of common words like "wat" for "want", "hav" for "have", and "b" for "be". This is a very common tendency of dyslexic children.  Also notice the many reversed b's and d's, the inconsistent spacing between words and the letters within words, the way he ignores the margins, the mixing of capital and lower-case letters, the unusual formation of some of the letters, the way letters like little "g" always float above the horizontal line instead of going below the line, and the lack of punctuation. These errors are all classic signs of dysgraphia and also represent typical handwriting errors that dyslexic students make.

Translation: I want it to be upstairs.  I want it to have garage and a basement and a pond and dogs and a dirt bike for my son and a pool and a king-sized bed and without (guns?) and I have a convertible.

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