Dyslexia Tutoring Rates

Because I tutor mainly from my home in the East Limestone, Alabama area (between Athens and Madison), I am able to keep my rates affordable! My passion is to be able to help the average family be able to afford dyslexia tutoring without it becoming an overwhelming financial burden. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP to see if I have any available openings!

Please read my Dyslexia Tutoring page first to understand exactly what my services entail and the days I currently offer tutoring!


I generally tutor my students twice a week for 55 minutes each session.  Once a week is not enough for a dyslexic child to make significant progress.  


I encourage all my parents to commit to at least one school year for their child's tutoring, but I do not require a formal commitment. I do structure my rates on a budget plan which offers the following advantages:

  * a fixed monthly tutoring fee which is easier to budget for

  * a savings off the normal $30/session fee when you don't miss days

  * normal school holidays and Christmas break are factored in to the budget amount (including a week off for Thanksgiving and spring break) so you are not paying for days you aren't here because of school holidays

   * If I have to miss a session for any reason, you save $30 off the next month's fee

Example: For a Tuesday/Thursday tutoring schedule for the 2014-2015 school year, the budget amount would be $200 a month August-May.  The budget amount may differ slightly for a student who starts at a different time of the year.

Tutoring in the summer months of June & July are optional but recommended, and can be scheduled at $30 per session.  Summer schedules are flexible and I work around vacations and other activities. 

A Word About Financial Concerns:

Although I try to keep my rates reasonable, I understand paying for a tutor is still a significant sacrifice for most families. However, I urge all families who hesitate because of financial concerns to please consider any and all ways to make tutoring a reality.  No matter what you choose to do, please consider the cost of doing nothing.  If you can make the sacrifice, your child will certainly reap the benefits.  

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