Dyslexia Testing: What You Need to Know

Where Do I Go From Here?

Your child is struggling with his reading and spelling, and writing. You've read the signs of dyslexia, and it sounds a lot like your child....Now what do you do?

Please start by reading the excellent information in "Do I need to get my child tested for dyslexia?"  You can spend hundreds of dollars for dyslexia testing, but it may not be necessary if a dyslexia screening is all you really need.  Find out the difference.

Please Note: Testing options have changed. To better accommodate the needs of my students and parents, I am offering affordable solutions for those who do not need comprehensive educational testing and formal reporting, but just need to know if their child fits the classic dyslexic profile, and if so, what they should do next. Please follow the links below to learn more about this very thorough yet budget-friendy dyslexia screening process. I am conveniently located for your dyslexia testing needs in the Athens, AL and Madison, AL area (East Limestone).


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