Calling All North Alabama Area Dyslexia Tutors!

* Are you looking for more students? 

* Do you get inquiries from people who live in other areas and wish you knew someone you could refer them to?

As a service to parents who may find their way to this web site but are looking for a tutor in a different location, I would like to compile a free referral list of area tutors who have been trained or certified in an Orton-Gillingham method or through the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. Even if you are close to my location, I would like to hear from you too.  Obviously, my tutoring services may not meet every parent's needs, plus I may be booked for a particular time slot.  I do what I do to HELP students and families, so I believe such a list would only serve to be a HELP for everyone involved.

The areas I am looking for are all counties surrounding Limestone County (Madison, Morgan, Lawrence and Lauderdale) as well as Jackson, Marshall, Colbert, Franklin and Cullman counties. I'm also willing to add those in southern Tennessee. 

I would not make the list public, but I would ask the parent to contact me if they would like names of tutors in other areas.  Assuming you meet the requirements to be added to my free referral list, and your services match the needs of the inquiring family, I would simply email you (and any other tutors that match the same criteria) and give you the opportunity to respond to that family.  If you do not wish to take the student for any reason, I simply ask that you email me back and let me know so I do not leave the family high and dry. 

If you as a tutor get an inquiry from someone who is close to the East Limestone/Madison/Athens area and you are not able to tutor that student, I would appreciate hearing from you too!  In this way, we can work together to meet the needs of North Alabama area families who are often desperate to get help for their children but don't always know where to turn.

If you would like to be added to this free referral list for dyslexia tutors, first I need to hear from you.  Please email me and let me know a little about yourself, your credentials, and your experience.  Even though I am not promoting or endorsing your services to families, I want to give them well-qualified referrals. I do ask that you have specific Orton-Gillingham training or certification and previous experience tutoring dyslexic students.